HarvestMarkHendrix Produce's number one goal is to deliver quality products to consumers, and that's why we follow a safety plan set forth by the Georgia "GAP" Food Safety Program. From the guidance of GAP, Hendrix Produce is certified by the food safety organization Primus, creating and maintaining standard operating procedures, good agriculture and manufacturing practices, and more. For more information, visit the GFVGA website.

Hendrix Produce is also in the process of gaining traceability through Harvest Mark. When a farmer harvests his crop, or a packer selects product to send to its customers, they upload key data to HarvestMark. That information is linked to a unique HarvestMark Code on the label. When you trace the Code at HarvestMark.com, you instantly receive the traceability information on that product, like where it was grown and whether it's subject to a recall. You can also find out other information, like pictures of the farm, or the story behind the farmer, give feedback about the product you purchased, and discover nutrition information, and even recipes. For more information on traceability, or to trace your produce, visit the HarvestMark website.

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